AppleInsider | Piper: Apple's $3.9B component deal more evidence of Apple television
The analyst also said that the investment could further signal Apple's intention to enter the television market. Munster has believed for years that Apple will introduce its own HDTV by the end of calendar year 2012 at the earliest.

I've hemmed and hawed at the idea that Apple would create a TV. For a long time, I was convinced that a 32" panel with Apple TV baked in and the opportunity to purchase an iTunes subscription would be perfect. However, the lack of a music subscription seemed like a non-starter. Also, people kept reminding me that TVs are such a cut-throat business that even Apple wouldn't be able to charge its requisite 50% margin on the product.

If anything, Apple would make a TV of its own with Apple TV baked in. With one or two HDMI inputs, I guess that would make a semi-viable product for today's living room - especially when bundled with an iTunes subscription.

Apple has pre-bought in its supply chain ever since iPod. If this $4B investment is in large format LCD screens, I would definitely believe a real Apple TV is coming.